Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun Times in Pre-K

I know it's been awhile since I posted pics or an update....our move into "The White House" went well & we are pretty settled in - with lots of boxes still in the basement that will slowly get unpacked. The girls LOVE their new room & Kylie just loves being able to walk to church & school! Fr. Donald, our pastor, has become very familiar with our family, since everytime he walks from the Friary to the church & the girls catch sight of him, they yell "HI, FR. DONALD!! ARE YOU GOING TO CHURCH?" It's pretty cute! They also have to give him hugs when we see him!

So, the other day, Kylie's teacher, Mrs. Gina, lent me her memory card so I could download a few pictures of activities they have done in class recently. I finally sat down & saved them to our computer & posted them on here!

This is Kylie with her best friend, Cecily all dressed up in purple for "Ravens Day"!
Kylie & her class in their PJs on "Pajama Day" during the week they were learning the letter "P"
During the same week they "Painted with Pudding" on their tables. Kylie & her friend, Raphy, showing off their pudding artistic skills!
Kylie LOVES school & all her friends & especially Mrs. Gina & Mrs. Fran! She is having some focusing issues with paying attention & sitting still in class, so we are headed to the pediatrician next week to discuss it with her. Please keep her & our family in your prayers that we can find a solution that is best for her! More pictures coming soon....

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