Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Nights @ Pop's!

A tradition that started a few years ago has been Friday nights @ Pop & Nana's house! It started with just my Mom & Aunt Linda going over late on Fridays, having some wine, & chatting. Since we moved back, I've tagged along & love every minute of it!! Pop usually just sits & takes it all in while the women sit around, drink wine (or water in my case!), snack, & laugh! He'll add his little stories or anecdotes, which I also LOVE! We usually leave kind of late, but it's worth it to spend quality time with them! I want to start writing down all the stories & jokes that Poppy tells so that I never forget them! Sometimes, I think I get more excited about Friday nights then anything else! :)

My Poppy - I love him so much!!
The glasses of wine he usually serves to the ladies!
My glass of water - he didn't want me to feel left out! :)
Our snacks of baked chips, pretzels, & cheese puffs!
Our Friday night crowd - this was late & we were all getting a bit tired!
Even though we can be a bit crazy sometimes, I love my family! They make me smile & are part of who I am! I wish these night could go on forever!! I love you all!

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