Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun & Quiet Moments

Yesterday after school, Kylie & I went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather! Lately, she has been obsessed with picking "sunflowers" (better known as dandelions!) for all her friends. So, while she was doing that, I couldn't help, but catch some sweet pictures of her. She is such a sweet, generous, loving child & we feel so blessed to have her!

Picking just the right "sunflowers"

Making sure the bouquet is perfect!

Then, while we were out yesterday afternoon, Mom-Mom bought her a yo-yo! She had never used one before, so Daddy gave her a quick lesson on how to use it. I think Daddy had a bit more fun than Kylie! :)

She was so excited!!

Here's a video of their lesson:

These are the moments that I cherish the most! The quiet ones when the girls are discovering something new or just hanging out being little girls & the fun ones when we are all laughing & smiling & loving being with each other! It's during these moments that I realize just how blessed we truly are as a family!

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Julie said...

Isn't that from Legally Blondy, "roll..and Snap!" You have an amazing family!