Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Gorgeous Day for the Park!

Today was a beautiful day!! I promised the girls that if they were good while I ran some errands, we would go to the park for a little bit. Well, they were REALLY good so I kept my promise! Aunt Nancy even came along with us, which was ALOT of fun!! I should preface the pictures by telling you that Jillian got a pair of butterfly wings at the dollar store during our trip to the mall & insisted on wearing them, even at the park! It was pretty cute!

Girls climbing around

Instead of flying, Jillian though she would drive! :)
Kylie trying to get down off the wall...
Down the slide she comes!

Jillian climbing up the steps to the curvy slide...unfortunately once she came down, she didn't want to do it again!

This slide was a little more her speed!

The girls loved the teeter-totter, Jillian's favorite was the chicken...
Kylie's was the whale!
Kylie at the top of the curvy slide.

Jillian on the big kid swings!
Kylie's turn on the swings! She kept wanting to go higher & higher!!
Now she's doing an airplane on the swings...
Jillian getting a peak from inside the rock wall.
Kylie having a blast!!
What a great day we had!! Couldn't think of a better way to spend the day when it was so gorgeous outside!! The girls loved having Aunt Nancy come along too! We'll definitely be doing this again!

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