Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Moving to "The White House"!

Ok, so we're not moving to the actual White House on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C., but we are moving to a white house next weekend! When Kylie saw it for the first time, she affectionately started calling it "the white house" & talks about it all the time! It's pretty cute!

So, a few days ago we signed our lease & received the keys so we could start moving our stuff in. Today, after church, we took the girls over so they could see the inside & their new room for the first time! They had a balll! They just ran around & around, exploring every inch of the house! They loved their new room too!! Their cousin, Haley, came along too & they chased each other around Mom-Mom's loft, which was really funny! They didn't want to leave! But, before we left I took a few pics to post so that those who won't be able to see our new place in person, could see where we will be living.

Even though we are looking forward to the change & moving into our own place, we are eternally grateful to Dziadzi for allowing us to live with him & invade his life for the past 8 months! We don't know where we would've been had it not been for his generosity. Thank you so much!! We love you!!

Here's the pics of our new place...Enjoy!!

"The White House" - small, but cute!!

Kylie all smiles on the front porch! She couldn't wait to go in!!
The living room

The dining room, entrance to kitchen, & door to loft

Kitchen & back door

Kylie & Jillian jumping around in their new bedroom!

Kylie, Jillian, & Haley playing tag in Mom-Mom's loft!

The big backyard - the girls can't wait to go hunting for Easter Eggs out there!!

The view of Kylie's school from our house! The first set of windows on the left will be Kylie's Kindergarten classroom next year!!

This is the view of church from our house - definitely NO excuse for being late to Mass!! :)

We'll send out an e-mail with all our new info once we are all settled in! And, if you are ever around, just stop by & say "Hi!"

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Andi said...

Very cute and it looks very convenient. I can't wait to tell someone that I have friends living in the white house!