Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun with Bubbles!

On Monday, Haley came over to play for a bit, which the girls were so excited about!! She was in Texas visiting her cousins during Easter so they didn't get a chance to play together then, but they definitely made up for it!! Jillian was napping so Kylie & Haley went outside to blow some bubbles & play with sidewalk chalk! They had a ball!

Haley trying to pop the bubbles that Kylie is blowing!

Here they have moved onto the bigger & better bubble blowers! Haley had a star & Kylie had a heart - they did a GREAT job!!

Kylie heading down the slide - I think she's a bit too big for it now! :)

Haley's turn!

Having fun with sidewalk chalk! They were egg-shaped too!!

Below is a video I took while the girls were blowing bubbles:

It is so cool to watch Kylie & Haley play so well together! They truly are best friends as well as cousins! It reminds me of when Jen & I were their's pretty cool to now be watching our girls play like we used to do. Life is beautiful!!

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