Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celebrating Easter with Pre-K!

Today was Kylie's last day of school before Easter break. The day started off just right with a special visitor - THE EASTER BUNNY!!! Mrs. Fran ran to the cafeteria to let me know so I could grab a quick photo!

I took it with my phone so it's kind of grainy.... but she was SO excited!

She did great & was not scared of him at all! He looked really cute too! Then, close to dismissal time, I went back to her class with yummy cupcakes for her & her classmates! They got cool Easter buckets full of cool treats & also were treated to "Dora & the Egg Hunt" from Mrs. Gina & Mrs. Fran too! What a day!!

Kylie & her friends eating their cupcakes while watching "Dora"!

Kylie all smiles sitting next to her best friend, Cecily!
Kylie with her face full of icing from her cupcake! Even though I told her she shouldn't do that, I have to admit, it's a cute picture! :)
When they were done their cupcakes, Mrs. Gina sat down with them & made Easter Egg Necklaces!
They had a great time!!

Kylie wearing her finished necklace - can you tell she's proud of it?
I asked Kylie & Cecily to stand together for a picture & Cecily immediately wrapped her arms around Kylie! They are such good friends!!

Thank you, Mrs. Gina & Mrs. Fran for such a fun day! Kylie has a week off before heading back to school - should be fun!! Check back soon for pictures from our Easter celebration here at our house!!

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Julie said...

So cute!! Kylie is just growing up before my eyes!! Wow! Take care and have a blessed Easter!