Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at the Thayer House!

We were so happy that this year we hosted Easter dinner at our house! Since we've been married, we haven't hosted a holiday dinner since we were never at our own home with family & friends around. So, this year we did & it was fantastic!!

We started the day with the girls discovering their Easter baskets & all the goodies that the "Easter Bunny" had left for them. They were dying to look at the baskets & kept bugging us until we were out of bed. Jillian wasn't too happy & seemed to want to go back to sleep, but once she saw the "Dora" doll that the Easter Bunny had brought her, she ran for her basket with a loud "WOW!!"

Two little girls were very good this year! The cat treats in the middle are for Sassy who we were taking care of for our friends, the Whismans!

Looking at all their new goodies - Jillian ecstatic with her new "Dora"!

Looking at all the rest of the treats in their baskets.

Jillian looking stylish in her new dress up shoes holding "Dora"

Kylie holding her new set of "Bendaroos" - she was SO excited!!

After playing a bit & eating breakfast, we all got ready for Easter Mass! Before heading into church we took some pictures in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother. Unfortunately, it was really windy & the girls were antsy, so the pictures weren't the best, but I love them anyway!

Our beauties in front of the Blessed Mother - Jillian is pointing to Mom-Mom who is walking across the street. :)

Our family Easter photo - you can see what I mean - it's not too bad, I just wish I was looking at the camera! Still cute though!

After church, we got ready for all our guests to arrive! We had such a great time & so did the girls! Kylie made a new friend named Aidan & the two of them were stuck to each other's sides all day long! Our friends, the Whisman's, came over & their daughter, Celi & Cori, had fun helping Jillian find Easter Eggs in the back yard! Jillian had NO interest whatsoever in finding the eggs! It was pretty funny! All she wanted to do was play golf & slide down the sliding board! Our family surrogate mother, aunt, sister, etc., Mary Margaret spoiled all the kids with cool bubbles & bubble blowers! They had a ball running around blowing bubbles & trying to pop them!! It was so wonderful to spend such a beautiful holiday with our family & friends!! We love you all!

Kylie & Daddy posing with the bunny ears that Grandma & Grandpa sent! I LOVE this picture!!

Aidan & Kylie enjoying some yummy Macaroni & Cheese! (Kylie was playing dress up prior to this picture which is why she is wearing a hideous top in the pic!)

On the search for some Easter Eggs....

Is there an egg in here???

Aidan & Kylie posing with all their newly found Easter Eggs!!!

Celia helping Jillian up after going down the slide!

She loved going down that slide! Her hair was sticking up from all the static electricity! It was hysterical!!
All the kids having fun playing in our backyard!

Jillian opening up her Easter bag from Mary Margaret! They all got BUBBLES!!!

Kylie blowing bubbles on the front porch!

Aunt Linda helping Jillian blow bubbles! Actually, Aunt Linda was blowing the bubbles & Jillian was popping them! :)

Kylie blowing bubbles with the cool bubble blower she got from Mary Margaret!

Kylie & Aidan blowing & chasing bubbles! They had a blast!!

In addition to celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord with our family & friends, we also celebrated my 30th birthday, which is the day after Easter this year. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by my family & friends on such a milestone birthday! My aunt made a beautiful cake & everyone sang "Happy Birthday!" (with Craig standing by with a fire extinguisher!). All the kids blew out the candles for me, although I did get in one good puff! I received some wonderful gifts as well, but the greatest gift of all is the love of my family & friends! I couldn't ask for anything more!!

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Julie said...

Happy Easter to you too! You are so wonderful Kim!! And I bet it feels so great to be in your own house too.