Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Opening Day for Soccer!!

Soccer season has officially begun for us!! This past Saturday, Rosedale Soccer had its Opening Day festivities! It was a long day full of events, but it was lots of fun!! Kylie was excited to wear her uniform & see all her friends! They got to walk in a parade & have pictures taken before their big game in the afternoon! The best news of all was that Kylie's team, "The Blue Lightning", won their very first game!!!!!! Kylie & her teammates did a great job!!

Kylie all dressed & ready for Opening Day!!

The team banner - it looked GREAT!!

Getting ALL the kids from ALL the team together for a big group photo!

"The Blue Lightning" holding up their banner!

Kylie with Alexis & Dasha showing their team spirit!!

Our soccer star posing for her individual picture!

Here she comes!!! Through the Rosedale Soccer sign!

Listening to Coach Jim before the big game!

Getting in a little practice...

Let the game begin!!

Kylie & Alexis cheering on their team waiting to be called in!

Halftime break - they all needed a drink!

Go, Kylie, Go!!! She right behind the boy in yellow, trying to get the ball back from him!

Good game guys!! You all did great!!

The team lining up!

Gooooooo Lightning!!!!!

After the game, the parents form a tunnel for all the kids to run through while we cheer them on!! They loved it!!!
We are so proud of Kylie & her team!! She did come out early on in the game for a few minutes because she fell & got all muddy & started crying, but once she got a pep talk from her friend, Marissa's older sister, she was ready to get back in the game! We'll be sure to keep you updated on how her team does throughout the season!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Many Looks of Kindergarten!

So far, Kylie LOVES going to school! This week she started going ALL day everyday & wearing her uniforms to school! She has two different uniforms - one for Gym & the other for everyday. On Tuesdays & Thursdays she has to wear her gym uniform & her other one the rest of the days. She looked too cute in her formal uniform & saddle shoes! She looks so grown-up & when she put on her jumper for the first time she had to twirl in it to "try it out". She's growing up too fast! These are the times when I wish life had a 'pause' button!

Kylie wearing her gym uniform on Tuesday.

All decked out in her jumper & saddle shoes this morning! Our baby girl is growing up!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kylie Starts Kindergarten!!

Well, it's official - our little girl is now a Kindergartener!!! This past Monday, Kylie started Kindergarten at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer School. She was SO excited & couldn't wait to see all her friends & her teacher, Mrs. Voglino. Of course, I had to take advantage of the special day with lots of pictures!

Kylie posing in front of the Blessed Mother.

Welcome Back!! What an exciting year this will be!!

Kylie standing by the doors she will go in every morning for school!

Kylie & her best friend, Cecily! They are big girls now!

Just a quick game of hopscotch before we need to start class!

Kylie handing Mrs. Voglino some papers we had to send in - Mrs. Gina & Mrs. Fran came to see the kids move on up from Pre-K to Kindergarten!

Let's all line up for Kindergarten!

Bye, Mommy!
I cannot believe my little girl is in Kindergarten! It was a big day for her & me - I just keep seeing my little premature infant staring up at me. It seems like I blinked & she's now a healthy, happy, 5 year old little girl! I'm so proud of you, Kylie!! Mommy & Daddy & Jillian love you so very much!!