Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dziadzi's Major Award...

Most everyone that knows my Dad knows that he loves to play golf! Well, this past Saturday he competed in a golf tournament up in Aberdeen, MD and his team came in first! The first place prize was a generous pound of steamed shrimp, however, that was not his major award of the day.....
He won a door prize that just stopped us in our tracks when he brought it home! If anyone has seen the great movie, "A Christmas Story", knows the scene when the Dad receives his "major award", which turns out to be a lamp of a ladies leg in a fishnet stocking, which he then proudly displays in the front room window. Well....I don't think this will make it in the front room window, but it comes close to being as great as the award in the movie. You be the judge....

Dziadzi's "Major Award"

Looking so thrilled that he won!

LOVES his award!

Let's see what the neighbors think with it glowing in the window.....although Craig thinks we should put it in our room....I don't think so!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our fun day in Pennsylvania Dutch Country!!

Kylie & I spent a very fun day with my cousin, Jen & her daughter (Kylie's best friend), Haley!! We had originally planned to go up to Dutch Wonderland, however, the weather had a different plan and decided to dump tons of rain, so we had to improvise. We decided to head on up to Lancaster and tour around and experience a little bit of Amish culture. Our first stop was to the Intercourse Pretzel Factory in Intercourse, PA. We had a yummy snack of a soft pretzel and a drink before getting a brief tour of the factory and getting to twist our very own pretzel! Both Kylie & Haley did a great job at rolling out and then twisting their pretzels! They even got stickers declaring them "Official Pretzel Twisters" of the Intercourse Pretzel Factory!

Kylie all smiles on our way to Haley's house!

Haley & Kylie watching pretzel twisting in the front window.

Having a little yummy snack...

Kylie doing a great job twisting her pretzel!

Kylie proudly displaying her pretzel!

Kylie Thayer & Haley Amato - Official Pretzel Twisters!

After our factory experience, we traveled to Ronks, PA to the Cherry Hill Farm. Unfortunately, due to the wet weather the farm itself was closed, but Kylie & Haley were able to make their very own Amish doll at the "Make-a-Friend" shop on the farm! They were the only children there and were able to pick their own doll, dress her, & name her! They also got to experience a bit of what an Amish child would experience in a one room school house! They played games & solved puzzles together while sitting at school desks. They sat very attentively while our guide explained life as an Amish child to them before heading over to purchase accessories for their new dolls. They even got to wear sweet, little aprons while creating their new Amish friends!

Kylie dressing her new friend, Elizabeth.

Haley (with Hannah) & Kylie (with Elizabeth) listening to what life is like for Amish children.

Playing matching games...

Solving puzzles together.

Kylie ringing the school house bell to signal school is out!

After the girls had their new Amish friends, we said good-bye to our guide and headed to Bird-in-Hand, PA to the Farmer's Market to get a bit more for lunch and pick up some goodies to take home. We picked up some delicious cookies & whoopie pies that were to die for! Sadly, we had to call it a day and left beautiful Lancaster and headed back to Stewartstown, PA. Once back at the Amato's, the girls played a bit while Jen & I chatted. Kylie & Haley love playing with each other and saying good-bye is always the hardest thing to do. But, we know that they'll see each other again soon! They have become the best of friends and love each other so much! Thank you Jen & Haley for a truly wonderful day and we can't wait to do it again very soon! We love you!!

Kylie & Jillian's New Wheels

So, Kylie got a "Dora" scooter from Uncle Matt & Aunt Jen for her birthday and recently we took her outside to break in her new wheels! She loved every minute of it! She didn't quite get the concept of pushing with her one foot to get some speed. The alley behind the house had a slight incline, so she would just walk her scooter up to one of the poles we told her not to go past and then just coast down to the other pole. It was pretty funny, but she had a blast!

Daddy giving Kylie a scooter lesson.


Trying to push with her foot...

Jillian got a chance to ride on new wheels as well! Aunt Linda gave her a little bike that she loved riding up and down the alley! She didn't quite get the idea, but loved getting on & off of her new bike and rode a little bit down the alley....she had a great time too!!

Kylie & Jillian with their new "wheels"

She's contemplating getting off the bike once again before getting back on...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Best Buddies

Tonight Craig had the opportunity to go to a Baltimore Ravens exhibition game against the Minnesota Vikings with Uncle Matt, so Kim & the girls were free to play! We planned a night with Mom-Mom, Aunt Linda, & Haley! We started off with blowing bubbles out on the front porch, followed by pizza, and then fun in the bath! Kylie was so excited to be able to see her "sister", as she calls her, Haley and play.

Jillian got herself stuck trying to climb through the rails to catch bubbles!

Kylie, Haley, & Jillian chatting with Aunt Linda.

The most fun had by the girls had to be in the bathtub. They especially loved splashing me with water and squirting me with the fish too! I think I took a bath right along with them! Couldn't help snapping a few shots while they were in the tub...they were just too cute!

Bathtime Buddies!

Two little cuties!

Jillian playing with a squirty fish!

Once out of the tub and in their jammies, the girls relaxed on the couch to watch VeggieTales followed by 101 Dalmatians. Between movies they paused for a "midnight snack" of some chocolate pudding. While Kylie & Haley nibbled on pudding, Jillian took advantage of the moment and snuggled on Haley's "Dora" bed to watch a movie all by herself.

All snuggly watching VeggieTales!

Having a little snack...

Jillian taking advantage of her time alone snuggling on the Dora bed.

Ready for bed :)

They had such a fun night and were sad to see it end. We know there will be many more fun nights together and it is obvious that they are fast becoming the best of friends, not just cousins!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The girls LOVE Sushi!!

The girls were absolutely thrilled to spend part of the morning a few days ago with the newest member of our extended family....Sushi! Sushi is my brother's dog that him & his wife, Jen, got about 6 months ago. She is a big ball of energy and the girls loved playing with her and petting her!

Sushi & Jillian formed a special bond right off the bat. Jillian would walk up to her and smile and say "Hi" and pet Sushi's head real gently and then Sushi would return with a nice, wet kiss across the face! Jillian would giggle and run away! Kylie loved to squeal, which would get Sushi excited and want to jump around, so they took a little longer to get comfortable with each other. But, after awhile Kylie put on Uncle Matt's hat and pick up Sushi's leash and wanted to "take her for a walk", so they took a little walk around the living room. It was really cute! We had to cut our visit a bit short because Uncle Matt had to go to work, but I am sure we will back for another playdate soon!

"Let's go for a walk, Sushi!"

I even got in this shot....

Thanks for a fun playdate, Sushi & Uncle Matt! We can't wait to do it again!