Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our tri-state Halloween!

We had a long day of Halloween fun that included celebrating in 3 different states! We started off the day with Kylie's Halloween party at school. She was so excited to be dressed up as Princess Jasmine and to see all her friends in their costumes! Her best friend, Cecily, was a tiger so they looked like Jasmine & Raja! It was really cute! They went trick-or-treating all over school to the different classrooms & even to the Friary to visit Fr. Donald, Fr. Tom, & Fr. Berard. The friars gave out fruit snacks & pretzels to the kids and later on in the day, Kylie asked me if she could have her "fruit snacks from God".... it was so sweet! After trick-or-treating, the kids enjoyed all kinds of yummy snacks & juice at their party! (I forgot my camera, but the other Room Mother took lots of pics and is forwarding them to me - So stay tuned for pics!)

From Kylie's school in MD, we headed down to Daddy's office in VA! Once we got there - Mommy got a little lost once she missed the exit for 395 South - we had lunch with Craig in the office Conference Room with some of his other co-workers & their little trick-or-treaters. There was a butterfly, a bumblebee, our little pumpkin & Princess Jasmine, a pirate, & a ladybug. The kids were all really cute and our girls loved exploring Daddy's office! We even got to meet Daddy's boss, Bill!

After a little down time at home, we all piled in the van with Aunt Linda and headed up to Stewartstown, PA to my cousin, Jen & Jason's house to go trick-or-treating with them & Haley! Kylie was SO excited!! The neighborhood was really nice and there were lots of people out handing out candy! The girls did great going to each house saying "Trick-or-Treat" (or "TT" from Jillian) and "Thank You". They got TONS of candy! Kylie loved hanging out with Haley! They were all definitely worn out from all the fun, which was evident from the blank stares watching "Finding Nemo" once they all got back to the house. Plus, both girls were passed out, including Daddy, shortly after getting on the highway heading home!

Aunt Linda waving & handing out candy at Jen & Jason's while we went trick-or-treating.
Girls trick-or-treating
Our little pumpkin getting some candy with Daddy's help.

Jasmine's turn...
Tinkerbell & Jasmine pose for a quick pic!
Jillian without her hat - she REFUSED to keep it on!

Kylie doing a victory dance after getting some candy!

Nothing says Halloween like playing with trains....

Our tired little pumpkin watching "Finding Nemo"

Halloween Kiddos - Tinkerbell (Haley), Jasmine (Kylie), Pumpkin (Jillian), & Nicholas, who was a cowboy!

It was a long day, but a very fun one! Thank you, Jen & Jason, for having us up to PA to go around the neighborhood with you and for getting the yummy pizza for dinner! We love you guys and we are so glad to be back here to celebrate with you this year! Stay tuned for pics from Kylie's school party!

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