Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun with Fingerpaints!

So today as I was helping out at school, still working on paperwork for the Race for Education, Ms. Gina came and asked me if I had my camera. Of course I did, and she told me that Kylie & her classmates were fingerpainting in the cafeteria! So I immediately grabbed my camera and ran into the larger cafeteria to grab some shots!

I took one before Kylie knew I was there, but as soon as the flash went off, her head picked up and I heard "Mommy!" I took a few more of her & her orange hands! She was so excited and loved painting her pumpkin! After a quick kiss, she went to the bathroom with Ms. Fran to wash her hands and go back to class. I was so grateful to Ms. Gina for letting me know what she was doing so I could capture the memory!

Here's Kylie fingerpainting her pumpkin:

Working so intently...

Kylie & her orange hands & orange masterpiece.