Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our sail on the "Anna Suzanne!"

Today was a gorgeous day! The weather was absolutely beautiful and the perfect day to be out on the water....and that is exactly what we did!! Craig's Mom & Dad were in town working on their boat and we had the pleasure of sailing on it today from Edgewater to Annapolis and back. The girls LOVED it and looked so cute in their life preservers! Jillian loved waving at the other boaters on the water, but was a little unsteady on her feet with the boat rocking around on the freaked her out a little bit! Kylie loved sitting in the Captain's chair and "helping" Grandpa drive the boat. Craig was like a kid in a candy store! He was helping his Dad work the "Electronic Suite" on the boat which is a radar, navigation, fish finder, & depth sounder all in one! He was in HEAVEN!! Both him & his Dad cannot wait to begin their journey of taking the boat down to Florida. Craig is only making part of the journery which is from the marina in Edgewater, MD to Charleston, SC. They will take about a week and Craig is counting the days until they leave!

Jillian looking super cute in her life preserver!

Craig casting off lines from the bow of the boat.

The men at the front of the boat.

Jillian checking things out on the boat - too many tempting buttons to push!

The Maryland Bay Bridge in the distance.

GORGEOUS Fall day!

The girls loved watching the waves as the boat went faster!

Jilly & Grandma all smiles!

Kylie "helping" Grandpa drive the boat.

Kylie waving

Jillian saying "Cheese!" & sitting in the Captain's chair.

My Dream House

Thomas Point Lighthouse

Dziadzi and Jillian watching the boat back into the dock back at the marina.

It was a wonderful day and it felt great being out on the water! We were sad to say good-bye to Grandma & Grandpa because now that the boat is moving down to Florida, we won't be seeing them as often :( But, we will definitely be heading down to Indian Rocks Beach for vacation this summer and will be able to ride on the "Anna Suzanne" again! We love you guys!!! Stay tuned for the pics from Craig & John's journey on the boat down the Intercoastal Waterway to South Carolina!

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