Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Night of Coloring Together

Normally, while I fix dinner, the girls are running around, playing, screaming, watching TV...you name it! Well, tonight, after Dziadzi turned off cartoons and put on the news, I suggested to Kylie that she sit at the table and color. She jumped at the idea and so did Jillian! They both sat at the table good as gold, coloring together! It was adorable!! I couldn't resist taking mulitple pics of them. It's moments like these that I wish that I could bottle up and keep forever - thankfully we have digital cameras & blogs!!

Kylie & Jillian coloring so well together!
Kylie coloring a picture for her "best friend, Mom-Mom"
Jillian coloring so intensely...
To sum it all up - I LOVE being a Mom!!!

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