Monday, November 17, 2008

Craig & Dad's Excellent Adventure!

As many of you know, Craig & his Dad traveled on the "Anna Suzanne" down to Charleston, SC this past week. After a mix up with flights, Craig made it home yesterday afternoon with a CD full of pics from their adventure! They had a great time and Craig said he loved driving the boat! They passed lighthouses, saw the ships at Norfolk Naval Base, got into a few "traffic jams", & met lots of nice people! Even though he was sad to see it end, Craig was glad to be home & the girls couldn't wait to see Daddy!!

Craig on board sipping some coffee before heading out of Annapolis.
One of my favorites...Craig driving the boat

Craig's Dad, John, at the helm.

A beautiful schooner that they passed on the way to Norfolk.

The ships at Norfolk Naval Base.

The Port of Norfolk

Red Buoy #36 - Mile marker 0 for the Intercoastal Waterway.

A view of Downtown Norfolk - A cruise ship & the Battleship Wisconsin.

A great view of the "Anna Suzanne" while in the marina in North Carolina.

Camp Lejune, North Carolina - if the lights are flashing that mean they are conducting gunnery exercises and you may be in the line of fire!!

Can you find the camoflague boats parked by the pier??

Gorgeous homes along the coast in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Foggy days on the water...

Traffic jam on the Intercoastal....

The Sunset Beach Swing Bridge - cause of the traffic jam.

A railroad swing bridge.

Craig enjoying a beer on the back on the boat.

A two car ferry boat.

A shrimpin' boat - I wonder if Forrest & Lt. Dan are on board???

The shrimp boat graveyard. :(

Huge beautiful boats in SC!

Believe it or not, those are tram cars taking golfers from the clubhouse to another part of a golf course!

So, for the time being, the "Anna Suzanne" is making Charleston home. Then, it's off to Georgia and finally to Florida at the beginning of the new year! What a great & excellent adventure for Craig & his Dad! They had a great time and I know will remember it always!

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Andi said...

What an awesome guys always look like you are living life to the fullest!