Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Debut of the "Anna Suzanne" at the 2008 Annapolis Boat Show

As many of you know, Craig's Dad, John was having a boat built in Edgewater, MD. Once a month, we have had the pleasure of getting to see both John & Suzanne while they were in town checking out the progress of the boat. Well, it is officially finished and was debuted at the 2008 Annapolis Boat Show by Mast & Mallet Boatworks!

Craig, Mom-Mom, the girls and I went down to Annapolis after Mass this morning to check out the boat show and see the newly completed, Anna Suzanne! (Named after Craig's sister & Mom) There were a ton of boats in many different sizes from the very small to the VERY big! Craig pointed out a few that he wouldn't mind buying & possibly living on whenever we become multimillionaires! :) We followed Joe, the owner of Mast & Mallet, down the docks to the Anna Suzanne. She is quite a beautiful boat! We have seen it various times during the time it was built and it was amazing to see the finished product! Kylie loved it! She climbed into the cabin area and even sat at the helm and pretended to drive the boat. I know she can't wait to ride on it for real! Craig is even more excited because he gets to drive it, along with his Dad, down to Charleston, SC in a few weeks. I know they will both be in heaven! Here are some of the pics we took of the "Anna Suzanne".

The 2008 Annapolis Boat Show - just a few of the boats on display.

The left side of the boat.

The right side of the boat.

The name painted on the back.

Daddy & the girls checking things out in the galley.

Kylie hanging out in the cabin.

Look at me, Grandpa!!

The Helm

As I said before, there were many large, luxury yachts on display as well. Many of them you could only tour if you were with a broker & you had to take off your shoes in order to tour them. Craig and I did tour a really nice house boat. It was super cute and I told Craig that I could definitely see us retiring on one of those!! Here are a few boats that made our mouths drop open!

I don't even want to think about how much this one costs!

This one will probably only set you back about $2 or $2.5 million - get out your checkbooks!

The girls were troopers, but started to meltdown quickly after we toured Grandpa's boat, as it is affectionately known. This picture is evidence of that...

Jillian sound asleep in the Ergo - also displaying a campaign sticker we got when we got off the shuttle bus.

A great day and a great pleasure to see the finished "Anna Suzanne"! We can't wait to take a ride out in the Florida waters and see her moored at the dock behind Grandma & Grandpa's house!

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