Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kylie's Pre-K trip to Green Meadows Farm

In keeping with the unit they are learning, Kylie's Pre-K class went on a class trip today to Green Meadows Farm in Jessup, MD. It was a very fun farm! The kids did everything from milk a cow to pet a baby pig! They had different stations set up for the kids to go to and at the end they got to pick out their pumpkin! We were able to go off on our own to explore the farm, eat lunch, & pick our pumpkins. Kylie loved every minute of it, but after awhile was worn out and actually fell asleep on the bus on the way home! Kylie said that her favorite parts were "picking pumpkins" & "touching the animals". It was alot of fun for all the kids!

Getting on the buses.

Kylie sitting with her friends on the bus.

Mr. Rand, the school principal, talking to the kids & getting ready to say a prayer before heading off to the farm.

Kylie helping to milk Elsie the cow. She did a great job!

Talking to Elsie...

Kylie petting a calf. She LOVED the baby cows!

Kylie & her friend, Cecily, waiting for the show to begin.

A picture Kylie took of the farm show before it began.

The piggy race! Each group got to cheer for a different pig in the race. We cheered for "Captain America", however, "Blue Butt" was the winner!

Kylie checking out the other pigs after the race/show.

Kylie & Cecily watching the piggies.

Saying "Hi" to Ziggy the Zebra.

Chatting with Lola the Brown Swiss Heffer.

Kylie trying not to scare the chickens...

Saying "Hi" to the geese...she wanted to chase them SO bad, but did a great job restraining herself :)

Kylie dancing to the farmer playing "Old McDonald" on the banjo.

Kylie picking out the perfect pumpkin.

Posing with her new pumpkin.

Kylie the Horse at Green Meadows Farm.

Once we got home & Jillian was down for an afternoon nap, Kylie & I got out the pumpkin decorations that Grandma & Grandpa bought for them and decorated the new pumpkins! They turned out SO cute! Once they were decorated we put them out on the front porch next to the beautiful mums that Dziadzi bought a few days ago. It make our front porch look fantastic and ready for Halloween!

The newly decorated pumpkins...too funny!!

Our front porch Halloween/Fall display - the decorated pumpkins definitely add something special to it!

While Kylie & I were at the pumpkin farm, Daddy & Jillian went to play at Storyville and hung out at home before coming to pick us up at school. It was such a great day!! Tomorrow the girls and I are headed out to buy their costumes... stay tuned for Halloween pics!

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Andi said...

That looked so fun...we sure wish we could join in on your fun!