Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Full of Family Fun

We had a fun & busy weekend! On Saturday, Kylie & Jillian had a sleepover at Mom-Mom's house with her & "Miss" Linda while Mommy & Daddy drove down to the Eastern Shore for a delicious Crab Feast at the Elks Lodge on Kent Island. The girls were super excited to be spending quality time with Mom-Mom & Mommy & Daddy were excited to have an evening all to themselves!!
Kim's cousins, John & Donna, had invited them along with other family members to share in some awesome food, music, & fun at the Elks Lodge! We had a fantastic time! The crabs were out of this world delicious, along with crab soups, salads, hot dogs & sausage, & an open bar! The best part was catching up with all my family that I haven't seen since at least Jillian's Christening and some even before we left for Washington. The best part for me was spending time laughing till I cried with my cousin, Jessica! She is like my big sister who I could always talk to about anything! And EVERY time we get together we laugh so hard we cry and at all the same things! I have missed her so much and getting to spend time with her again was the highlight of the night for me! We both ate till we could pop and had a nice quiet night at home once the evening was over.

Kim & Jess - Can you tell we're cousins? - How I have missed her!

Then after church & some cleaning time at home today, we headed over to St. Clement's for the annual Spaghetti Dinner sponsored by the Home & School Association. The best part for Kylie was getting to spend the time eating "sketties" with her cousin, Haley! Aunt Linda, Aunt Nancy, & Haley met us at school to have some tasty spaghetti! The girls were so excited and Kylie cleaned her plate! After eating we headed to the small cafeteria to try our chances at winning some gorgeous potted mums...Kylie won TWICE! Once for Mommy & once for Aunt Linda! Her lucky numbers were #30 & #8. She was so excited and jumped up & down, even when she didn't win! Saying good-bye was hard for the girls, but it won't be long till they see each other again.

Haley & Kylie waiting for their spaghetti.

Needless to say we had a very fun weekend and it's not over yet! With tomorrow being Columbus Day, Daddy has off, but Kylie doesn't :( However, it will be great to spend part of the day with Daddy! So, we not only had lots of fun with family, but we also ate so much we could burst! It was great food & even better company! We love you all so very much!!

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