Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kylie's Swim Lessons

A few weeks ago, Kylie started her swim classes with Rosedale Rec. & Parks. The classes are held through the American Red Cross and it takes place every Saturday for 10 weeks. She is in the Preschool Class & Daddy gets to participate in the class with her to help her learn her techniques. She was SO excited to start her classes! She wanted to start the weekend we signed her up, but had a hard time understanding that the class didn't start yet!

I have been trying desperately to take pictures and post them on here, but my previous attempts failed. The first time the pictures were all blurry & the video wouldn't upload. The second time I forgot the memory card for the camera. Finally, today I had the memory card and I sat poolside instead of in the bleachers, so I could get some good shots of Kylie & Daddy in the pool! She is doing SO well! This isn't her first swim class, but it's the first where she is actually learning techniques to actually swim on her own. Craig does fantastic working with her in the water and practicing each technique. Her teacher's name is Ms. Cheryl and Kylie loves her! Ms. Cheryl often uses Kylie to demonstrate different moves to the other children, I think because Kylie is one of the few kids who doesn't cry during class... She's learning how to use her arms to propel forward, kick her legs under the water, blowing bubbles to breath while swimming, use a kickboard, & go right for the wall after jumping in the water. Each class she gets better & better & with practice, she will hopefully move up to an independent swim class next time! We are so proud of her!

Kylie kicking her feet to get to the wall.

Learning how to keep her legs & arms stretched out.

Kylie hanging onto the side of the pool, taking a break.

Kylie's whole class in a circle listening to Ms. Cheryl.

Kylie, with Ms. Cheryl's help, using the kickboard and blowing bubbles to swim to the wall.

A small video of Kylie practicing jumping off of Daddy and kicking to the wall.

She is doing so good and she LOVES going to swim class each week! Jillian is usually on my back in the Ergo, but is constantly stretching to see what Kylie's doing. I know she is anxious for her turn in swim class! Maybe the next session we'll have both girls in the water! Keep checking back for progress updates on how Kylie is doing in class!!

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