Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Race for Education

Today Kylie & her Pre-K class along with the Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades participated in the "Race for Education", which is a fundraiser for the school. Kylie had to get money from sponsors which will go towards items needed for her class & the school as a whole. (Thank you to ALL that sent in donations! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!) The race was from 9:30 - 10:30am, so we headed to school a bit early so Kylie could walk in the "race". I helped out too by punching the kids' cards each time they came around for a lap. They all had a great time!

Kylie sitting with her Pre-K class before heading out for the race.

Kylie smiling for the camera - she was so excited!

All the kids comparing their tags - they each had one that had a blue sticker to designate them as being the Pre-K. They each kept saying "I've got Blue too!" It was funny!

Lining up to begin the race!

The Pre-K classes "racing" around the school yard. It was called a race, but it was actually a walk-a-thon and the Pre-K did a great job!!

Kylie getting her card punched - another lap down! She did 9 total - not bad for being 4 years old!

Kylie and other children from her class picking up a bit of speed...

Kylie walking with Mrs. Gina, her teacher. She LOVES Mrs. Gina and insisted on holding her hand for a few laps!

Getting a drink of water! They were all hot & tired!

Kylie showing off her punched card! Her face is blocked, but she was really proud of what she did!

Kylie & Aunt Linda - she came down after she was done teaching to watch Kylie walk!

Kylie & her classmates had a great time walking, but when they were done, their faces were all red and they were sweaty & tired! I'm sure they will all sleep well tonight! We had to leave and then come back for Kylie's regular classtime which is 11:45 and when we left the house again Kylie said "But Mommy, school is over!" She was happy to go back though! She loves school, especially her class & Mrs. Gina! It was a fun day and for a really good cause - EDUCATION!

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