Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kylie Graduates from Pre-Kindergarten!

It's so hard to believe that only 2 weeks ago, Kylie graduated from Pre-Kindergarten at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer School! The ceremony was really cute, especially all the children dressed in their caps & gowns processing into church to "Pomp & Circumstance"! They all did a great job on the altar singing & praying the "Our Father" & "Hail Mary"! Kylie did fantastic & we are SO proud of her!!

Kylie all dressed up for her Graduation Day!

The yummy cake for the graduates down in the hall.

Kylie waiting for the ceremony to begin with her friends Tommy & Justin.

Our little graduate walking into church.

Mrs. Gina, the Pre-K teacher, addressing the parents, family, & friends.

Mr. Rand, the school principal, addressing the graduating class!

Kylie doing a great job saying her prayers with her fellow classmates.

Singing "Kindergarten, Here We Come!"

Kylie listening intently to Fr. Tom Walsh speak to the class.

Fr. Tom - we love him! He is SO good with the kids!

Kylie receiving her Pre-K diploma from Fr. Tom.

The newest member of the Kindergarten class! She looks so proud!!

Saying the "Helping Hands" poem to their parents - made me cry!!

Kylie smiling proudly with her poem!

Processing out of church a Kindergartener!

Kylie posing with her diploma & her teachers Mrs. Fran & Mrs. Gina! She loved them - and so did I!!

Our family photo after graduation - we are so proud of you, Kylie!! We love you very much!!

Cutting the cake that Aunt Linda made for her graduation in her school colors - blue & white!
Here are a few videos that I took during the ceremony...they are so cute!

Kylie & her class singing "Kindergarten Here We Come!"

Here they are singing "The Unicorn Song" - I remember singing this as a kid. It's a bit long, but worth watching! :)
Needless to say, it was a perfect day! We are so proud at how far Kylie has come in just a short period of time! We can't wait to see how she'll do in Kindergarten! We love her so much & couldn't be more proud!!

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Julie said...

Your family photo is so cute! You and Craig are even leaning the same way!! Very fun!