Friday, May 1, 2009

Field Trip to Pizza John's!!

This past Wednesday, Kylie's Pre-K class took a field trip to Pizza John's, a local Italian restaurant. They have been offering a free tour of their restaurant for school children since their kids attended St. Clement's! The kids & parents also got a free piece of pizza & drink after the tour! It was a great day!

They first got to watch a video about Pizza John's, which showed pictures of the restaurant from when my parents used to go there when they were kids! After the video, A.M. class & then the P.M. class got a tour of the restaurant's kitchen from Miss Paulette, who was so sweet!! They got to see where the sauces are made & stored, where the pizza dough is made, watched Nigel make a cheese pizza & throw the pizza dough, & learned about the different types of pasta! They loved every minute of it!!

Kylie was excited about the trip!

Kylie took this shot of me - I was pretty excited about the trip too! I LOVE Pizza John's!

Kylie & her friends doing a buddy huddle before their tour!

Listening intently to Miss Paulette...

Learning all about sauces...

Watching Miss Paulette turn on the dough hopper - all their mouths dropped open! They looked at it like something from the movies!!

Kylie couldn't take her eyes off that hopper...

Kylie got to touch the raw dough & feel how sticky it was!

Nigel forming the pizza crust!

And now for the sauce...

Finally, the CHEESE!!

Into the oven it goes!!

At the end of the tour, Miss Paulette showed the kids the different kinds of pasta they serve at the restaurant!

Enjoying the final product - YUMMY!!!

Eating pizza is a messy business - gotta make sure to wipe your face!

What a great day we had at Pizza John's!! I think we may make another trip there this weekend!! :)

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