Monday, June 29, 2009

SPA-triotic Picnic 2009

Every summer, Craig's company (Systems Planning & Analysis or SPA), has their annual picnic. It's held at Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, VA, right outside of Old Town Alexandria. In true SPA fashion, the picnic was outstanding!! They had tons of games, food, ice cream, drinks, & prizes! They even had a caricature artist there who would do your portraits for free! Kylie & I both had ours done, but Jillian was still a little antsy to sit for one. The girls each got a goodie bag filled with patriotic items & snacks! They also had a clown there for the kids to do face painting & balloon animals. Kylie got a butterfly & Jillian got a baby butterfly! There was also a cute little playground as well as two giant bounce houses! The girls could've lived in the bounce houses!! Jillian screamed every time we had to take her out! Needless to say, lots of fun was had by all!

Jillian playing in the sand in her SPA-triotic t-shirt!

Kylie trying to build a sand castle - this sand was not like the sand at Grandma & Grandpa's!

Craig playing catch with one of his co-workers!

Kylie had to run over & say "Hi"!

Jillian coming down the very hot slide - as you can see her shirt did not stay white for long! Thanks to fruit punch!!

Kylie coming down the slide - every time she'd go down she'd say "I think I burned my bum!"

Jillian on the monkey bars - with a little help! :)

Kylie's turn! She actually did the first bar by herself than Daddy came to her rescue!

Craig's boss, Bill & his wife, train guide dogs! Jillian got to meet, Shammy, one of the dogs they are training!

Paradise to the girls - the Mickey Mouse Bounce House!!

Jump, Jilly, Jump!!

She would NOT come out!!

This is a video I took of Jillian jumping in the house - it's a little shaky, but still cute!

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