Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess Kylie's Birthday Party!

Kylie's actual birthday was almost two weeks ago, but we wanted to have a birthday party here at home for her friends & family. We had a Princess Pool Party for her, which was alot of fun!! Poppy & Nana got her yet another fun pool to play in & all the kids got plenty of use out of it before it started to sprinkle. We had a BBQ & then came inside for gifts & castle cake! We can't believe our little girl is 5 years old!! She's growing up to be such a beautiful, loving little girl! We are so proud of her!! Here's some pictures from her party:

Happy Birthday, Kylie!

Kylie & her best friend, Cecily, though the grass needed just a bit more water - I should've sent them to water my garden next!

There goes Cecily down the slide!

Down goes Kylie!

Jillian's turn - SPLASH!!!

In goes, Noah! What fun!

The kids loved the pools & couldn't wait to get in!

Kylie got lots of great gifts! This is a ballerina Barbie from Aunt Linda!

This is Dr. Barbie from Dziadzi!

She got a Beach Cruiser & two Barbies from Coici & Uncle Johnny!

She got Rapunzel Barbie from Mom-Mom!

I see you!! She got a flower magnifying glass from Aunt Nancy, Adam, & Aidan!

Wow!! Suncatchers from Cecily & Noah!

How cool! A Sno-Cone Maker from Haley!

And a Jasmine Jewelry Box from Mommy, Daddy, & Jillian!

This is the castle cake that I made for Kylie for her party! She thought it was "beautiful!"

After she blew out her candles! Happy 5th Birthday, Kylie! We love you!

Here's a video of Kylie blowing out her candles - please forgive my terrible singing! :)
We can't believe another year has gone by! Enjoy every moment you can because before you know it, time has flown by! We love you, Kylie & are so very proud of you!!

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