Friday, December 19, 2008

Visiting Santa!

So today, the girls & I went to White Marsh Mall with my best friends, Natalie (& her son, Connor) & Nicole (& her son, Gavin) to visit Santa! We got there before lunchtime in order to prevent long lines & we did great! The line was huge by the time we left the mall! The girls were a bit antsy, but Kylie had fun tossing coins in the fountain while we waited.

Kylie was super excited to get to see Santa! She kept asking if we were going to the North Pole to see Santa & I told her that Santa was so magical that he was able to visit the malls all over the world everyday in order to find out what each child wanted for Christmas! She did great and walked right over to Santa & hugged him! She sat on his lap & told him that she wanted a "string" she saw on TV & candy. Not too sure what the "string" is, but she did wonderful talking to him & smiling for the camera! Jillian, on the other hand, didn't do so hot....she clung to me for dear life & would not let go. I tried to put her on Santa's lap, but she was not having it. So, I got to be in the picture too! :) It turned out cute though, which was great! We even got a picture frame that Kylie colored to put our picture in.

The boys did great too! After we were all done visiting Santa, we had a mini photo shoot on the backside of the Santa display, which was cute! It's not easy to get 4 kids to all look & smile at the same exact time! They were all so good!! We had some lunch, went to the pet store to see the puppies & hermit crabs, & got a quick snack before heading back out to the rain to go home. What a wonderful day!!

Girls waiting in line for Santa - Jillian is already SO excited, can't you tell??

Connor & Gavin waiting so patiently!

Jillian, Mommy, & Kylie sitting on Santa's lap!

All the kiddos posing by the candy North Pole display.

Sweet Connor checking out one of the cars we got him for his 1st Birthday! He turns 1 year old on the 23rd! Happy Birthday, Connor!

Gavin giving me one of his killer smiles! What a cutie!

Thank you, Natalie & Nicole, for inviting us to go along with you guys today! We had a great time & can't wait to hang out again! We love you!!

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