Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kylie's Class Christmas Party

Yesterday, Kylie's class had their Christmas party before their vacation! As Room Mother, I got to be there the whole time & this time I remembered the memory card!! Aunt Linda was wonderful & let Jillian hang out in her classroom while I helped out in Kylie's class!

Kylie & her friends Cecily & Raphy having a tea party.

BJ popped in for a quick smile!

Jillian got in a little playtime at the cash register before heading upstairs.

All the kids had a blast! They played until about 12:30 when we all went into the cafeteria & made Reindeer PB & J sandwiches! They were adorable!

The kids all eager for the start of the party!

Yummy sandwiches!

Kylie's Reindeer PB Sandwich - too cute!

Kylie enjoying her reindeer.

Kylie hanging out with the boys at the party.

The "Gingerbread" brownie man that I made for the party - he was yummy!

The party was great & all the kids had WAY to much sugar! They are now on Christmas vacation until Jan. 5th, 2009! Mommy will be counting the days! :)

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