Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Today we received a big package from Craig's parents loaded with gifts for Christmas! Also in the box, were a few little goodies to enjoy now including a foam Christmas Tree craft. Kylie was super anxious to work on the trees and finally after dinner, I gave in and both Kylie & I created our own Christmas trees! Thank you, Grandma & Granpa, for the goodies!! We can't wait to open the rest on Christmas! We love you!!

Kylie working on her tree - the pieces were stickers and she had them stuck all over her! :)

Working hard putting the lights & candy canes on her tree.

Putting her whole tree together with Jillian watching on from her highchair.

When we were finished, we placed them next to our Advent Wreath on top of the entertainment center. Perfect!

Every year we send out a Christmas picture with our Christmas cards. It's usually a family picture, but they did not turn out really well this year, so I decided to just take one of the girls by themselves - who wants to look at Craig & I anyway?? :) So, I put the girls in their Christmas pajamas (that I made myself) and had a mini photo shoot in the living room. I tried wrapping them up in some garland, but they were more preoccupied with that then taking the picture, so away it went. You probably have all received your cards already, but here is the picture I decided on to include in this year's cards. I think it's a winner!!

Christmas Cuties!!

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Andi said...

Christmas Cuties is right! I love the pajamas! You are so talented. I have a hard time sewing a straight line and you are mastering PJs! Fun.