Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July!!

On Saturday, July 4th, we celebrated our nation's birthday with our good friends, the Whismans! They invited us down to their house in Edgewater, MD for some great grilling, some beachtime, & then fireworks at the Naval Academy! We had a great time!! Kylie & Jillian loved playing with Celia & Cori!! They especially loved playing at the beach by their house & splashing around in the water! The fireworks at the Naval Academy were incredible! We had awesome seats & it really wasn't that crowded! It was a little nostalgic for Craig since it is currently the start of Plebe Summer & all the new plebes were doing drills & formations all over the yard. When I asked him, "Does it make you want to do it all over again?", he responded, "NOPE!" :)

Kylie, Celia, & Cori playing under the tent in their backyard.

Jillian was really interested in the game of lawn darts that Craig & Kevin were playing.

She didn't quite get the idea - she thought the target was a hula hoop!!

Here she is giving the darts a try - she came pretty close to the target too!

Kylie's turn!!

They couldn't wait to get into the water at Beverley Beach!

I took this quiet shot of Bobbi as she was watching the girls in the water while I chased Jillian around the playground!

Splashing around!

Time to play in the sand!

Jillian cheesing for the camera before heading down the slide.

Swing Time!

All tuckered out from playing at the beach & time to head home & get ready for dinner!

What Patriotic Cuties!! This was waiting for the fireworks to start at USNA!

Celia & Cori taught Kylie some cool games while waiting for the fireworks to begin!

The fireworks! They really were amazing!


Look at those colors!!
We had such a great time & think we are going to make it a yearly tradition!! Thank you, Bobbi & Kevin for having us over & celebrating with us!! You guys are the best!! Happy 4th of July!!

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