Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Playdate with the boys!!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of going over to one of my best friends' house for a birthday playdate! Natalie & Nicole weren't able to make it to Kylie's b-day party, so we set up a playdate to celebrate! The girls LOVED playing with the boys, Connor & Gavin!! It was really sweet how they each attached themselves to one of the boys! Kylie loved to follow Gavin around & make sure he was okay & even helping him "dunk" a basket while playing basketball! And Jillian just loved following Connor around & giving him lots of hugs & kisses....I think there is a little crush there! :)

Nicole was the greatest hostess! The kids had a ball playing with all the cool toys & loved playing outside in the playhouse, on the swing & slide, & even running through the sprinkler!! Jillian had a ball just sitting on the sprinkler & getting soaked! Then, she made us all a very yummy lunch before having presents & a treat of brownies & ice cream! What a day!! Kylie even said that they were the "best brownies EVER!" Here are some of the pictures I took of our fun day together:

Jillian's jumping the jiggles out while dancing to a fun song!


Jillian loves her juice!

Gavin flashing his adorable smile!

Super cute, Connor!

Jillian giving Connor a hug!

Kylie & Jillian setting up their "Ice Cream Shoppe"

Time for some sprinkler fun!!

Gavin & Nicole making a run through the sprinkler!

Jillian taking a rest on the garden wall....I just thought this was too cute!

Oooh...that's cold!!

Sisters having fun!

Let's go, Gavin!

Gavin loved the sprinkler!!

Hi, Connor!!

Whee!! The slide is more fun in a wet bathing suit!!

Connor loved looking for the cucumbers in Aunt Nicole's garden!


Kylie giving Gavin a quick kiss while pushing him on the swings.

Kylie loved the kangaroo plate that Miss Nicole gave her for her yummy treats!

Blowing out the candle on her birthday brownie! The boys were too cute singing to her!

Yummy ice cream!

Jillian devoured her ice cream & brownie!

Kylie opening her gift from Miss Natalie, Mr. Sean, & Connor!

She loved her Princess Books from Miss Nicole, Mr. Shawn, & Gavin!
Thank you, Nicole for having us over for a great playdate! It is so neat to watch our kids play with each other just like we used to when we were little! We love you all so much & can't wait for our next playdate!!

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