Thursday, July 17, 2008

There's No Place Like Home....

We've had a wonderful first few weeks in MD! Kim & the girls are keeping busy everyday and Craig absolutely LOVES his new job! The commute still stinks, but we keep praying that our house will sell soon so that we can move to a new home closer to work.
Since being back home, Kim & the girls, along with Mom-Mom went to visit Kim's best friends, Natalie & Nicole and their new additions, Connor & Gavin! It was so great to be back with them and to have all our children playing together! My mom even said that 15 years ago, she never imagined she'd be standing there looking at us with our own children! We have been best friends for over 20 years and at times it feels like we're still 10 years old and giggling till we cry!! I love them so much and now their children and words cannot describe how great it is to know that we will be closer now so our kids can play just like we did!

Big blue-eyed Connor - just love that face!!

Gavin smiling big - how adorable is he?!?!!

Jillian just loved playing on Connor's jungle playmat!

Natalie & Connor, Kim & girls, Nicole & Gavin - Best Friends Forever!

Thank you Natalie & Nicole for such a wonderful afternoon! We will definitely be doing that more often!! I love you!!

This past Sunday Daddy blew up Kylie's Castle Ball pit that Aunt Jen & Uncle Jason gave her for her birthday! She was so excited and could not wait for both Mommy & Daddy to finish blowing up the castle and filling it with the balls! Because of lack of space, we can't keep it up all the time, but Daddy said every Sunday if the girls are good, we can blow it up to play in! They LOVED every minute of playing in it!! Here are the pictures to prove it:

Kylie posing in her castle!

Thank you, Aunt Jen, Uncle Jason, & Haley - she LOVES it!!

A summer in Baltimore would not be complete without a parade! Since we didn't want to rise incredibly early to go to the annual Dundalk 4th of July parade, we took the girls to the Rosedale Parade during St. Clement's Carnival! The girls loved watching all the fire trucks go by and even started dancing when all the Marching Units & bands marched down the road! After watching the parade, we headed over to the carnival so Kylie could ride some rides! Jillian is still a little young, but next year she'll definitely be riding on some! Kylie had a blast and even won a Playdoh set at the Games stand! She was so excited....Mom not so much because she chose the Playdoh and not the less messy Chutes & Ladders :) Here are a few shots we took:

The parade judging stand.

Baltimore County's finest!!

An old Rosedale Volunteer Fire TruckState Senator Norman Stone

Even Kit from Knight Rider made an appearance in the parade!

This picture is for Grandma - The Red Hat Ladies of Baltimore!!

The "New Edition" Marching Unit dancers.The band leader

Dream Nation Marching Unit

Check out those dancers!

Kylie riding the pony carts loving every minute!

Kylie riding the motorcycles - can you tell she's having fun?

And finally, the speedboats! I think this one was her favorite!

As the title says, "There's no place like home!" and these past few weeks we have found that to be so true! We are still slowly adjusting to life and praying we'll be in our own house soon, but we are immensely grateful to be surrounded by family and friends!

It's just the middle of the summer, so hopefully we'll be even busier in the days ahead and possibly even busy moving! We can pray!!

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