Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Craig's First Day at SPA!

Yesterday was a big day for Craig! He had his first day at his new civilian job at Systems Planning & Analysis, Inc. (SPA) in Alexandria, VA. Since we are living with Kim's Dad in Baltimore, MD, he had quite a commute (about an hour & a half) ahead of him. He got there early and had about a half a day of orientation before a good lunch with his new boss & coworkers. When he got home last night, he had a HUGE smile on his face and kept raving about how wonderful his day was!
It's a definite change from life in the military, but a good change! He has his own office with a window that he gets to decorate and his own office line. It's a little frustrating right now with such a long commute, but that will change once we are able to move to an area on the other side of the tunnel cutting his drive down about 30 minutes or so. When he got home last night, the girls ran out onto the porch yelling "Daddy! Daddy!" His smile just got wider! We are so proud of him!! We know that he will do GREAT & that SPA is very lucky to have him!! We love you, Daddy!!!

Craig being greeted by the girls when he arrived home!

The new Professional Military Operations Analyst!

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