Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mark & Mindy's Wedding!

On June 28, 2008 we welcomed a new member to the Thayer Family, Mindy! Mark & Mindy were married at John XXIII Catholic Church in Albuquerque, NM surrounded by all of their family & friends! It was a beautiful day and wondeful wedding!! We were so proud to not only share in their special day with them, but also to be a part of the wedding ceremony! Craig stood up with Mark as his best man, Kylie was a beautiful flowergirl, & Kim read the second reading during Mass. We loved every minute and most especially, welcoming Mindy into the family!

We arrived in Albuquerque on Wednesday, the 25th, and got to hang out with the rest of the family for a few days before the actual wedding. Our hotel was fantastic and Kylie & Jillian both loved the pools!! Kylie never wanted to get out! Jillian even got really comfortable being in the water...almost too comfortable! She wanted to let go of us and go off on her own, not realizing that she couldn't touch the bottom or swim on her own! :)

A view of Kylie in the pool from our balcony on the 9th floor - don't worry, Craig was down there with her!

On Thursday, Kim & Kylie went to get their nails done & have lunch with the other ladies. Kylie opted not to get her nails done, but Kim got a pedicure, which was fantastic!!! Lunch was delicious and the desserts were to die for! Meanwhile, Craig & Jillian joined the guys for tux pickup & lunch. A very fun day for all!!

Friday was the rehearsal at the church and dinner at El Pinto. Kylie did a great job practicing her flowergirl duties! She absolutely loved her partner & ring bearer, Ryan, who is Mindy's nephew. She wanted to be by his side the entire time! They also had a great time playing on the patio at the restaurant after dinner!

Kylie & Ryan practicing their duties during the rehearsal!

The Mandagaran Family

The Thayer Family

Thayer Siblings - Craig, Anna, & Mark

Kim & Anna - "Sisters" by marriage & in heart!

Kylie & Ryan playing on the patio at El Pinto!

Saturday was the big day!! Excitement was building as soon as we woke up in the morning! We started off with a yummy breakfast at the Frontier Restaurant! Then it a little bit of rest before getting ready for the wedding! We were all nervous that Kylie wouldn't walk down the aisle or would be all jumpy on the altar during the ceremony, but she surprised us all and did a fantastic job!! She did run a bit down the aisle at the end and was insistent on holding onto Ryan walking back up the aisle, but all in all did a great job!! And Craig looked very handsome in his tux standing up on the altar next to Mark. He is so proud of his little brother & of being able to be such a special part of Mark & Mindy's day! And, Mindy was such a beautiful bride!! She just glowed with happiness, as did, Mark! You could definitely see how in love the two of them are and will always be!

The beautiful altar before the ceremony!

Craig - Best Man & Mark, Mindy's brother & groomsman.

Anna - beautiful bridesmaid!

Shy flowergirl, Kylie - notice Ryan in the background when Kylie ran off down the aisle.

Mindy & her parents walking down the aisle - what a beautiful bride!!

Jillian with Grandpa while Mommy did the second reading - such a good girl!

Mark & Mindy making their vows to each other before God.

Kylie standing with Auntie Anna during the exchange of rings.

Ryan & Kylie during the ceremony.

Fr. Ark giving the final blessing over the couple.

The first kiss as husband & wife!

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Thayer!

After the ceremony, we headed over to the University of New Mexico campus to take group photos in front of the President's House. They were gorgeous and the weather was perfect! The girls loved playing in the grass and under the trees!

Jillian following her big sister along the sidewalk.

Girls playing under the tree at the President's House - it's always fun to play in the dirt!

After the pictures were taken, we headed over to the Albuquerque Hilton Hotel for the reception!! We all had a GREAT time!! The music, the food, the fun was great! The girls & Kim only partied till 10pm before heading up to bed, but Craig partied till midnight! Kylie could've stayed all night if we would've let her!! She loves her Uncle Mark & Aunt Mindy and followed them all over the banquet room all night! She also loved dancing with the other children that were there and stealing M&Ms from the dessert table.....:) Mark even taught Kim how to two-step before she had to head upstairs with the girls! Craig also made a wonderful toast to the happy couple, even though he mispronounced Mindy's maiden name..., but all was forgiven and lots of laughs were had! What a GREAT time!!!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Thayer!

Craig making a toast to Mark & Mindy!

Kylie doing her crazy dances with the other children on the dance floor.

Kylie & Auntie Anna - Picture Perfect!!

Mark & Mindy cutting their cake - YUMMY!!

Daddy & Jillian take a moment to pose for a picture!!

So In Love....

Jillian taking a quick look at a photo the photographer just took of her.

Craig & Kim stealing a moment for a kiss - can't believe we've been together for almost 12 years!

What a good looking trio!!

Jillian discovered how yummy ketchup is on her chicken fingers!

What handsome men!!

Congratulations, Mark & Mindy!! We are so happy that we could be a part of your special day! We love you both very much and wish you many, many years of happiness together! May God bless your marriage now & always! We'll start saving now for our flight for the pressure! We love you & miss you already!!

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