Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lunch with Daddy!

Yesterday, the girls, Mom & I were fortunate enough to drive down to Alexandria to meet Craig for lunch and see where is office is and meet some of his co-workers. The drive was great and we got to see some sights along the way! We drove past the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Pentagon, & the Capitol Building!

We made it down to SPA just before lunchtime and were able to see Craig's office & meet Chuck, his peer sponsor, Allison, Krystin, & Rick, who has the office right next to Craig's. Being the corny picture taker that I am, I couldn't help taking pictures of him sitting at his desk and by the name plate by his door. We are so proud of him!! He has a great office that he is slowly adding personal touches to & even has a window with a view! It was great to see him happy, genuinely happy at his job!

Daddy & his girls sitting at his desk in HIS office!

The cheesy picture with Craig next to his name plate!

After the short tour of his office, we headed across the way to Quizno's for a good lunch. We weren't rushed at all and were able to enjoy some quality time with Daddy! The girls were sad to leave him, but ran into his arms as soon as he got home! We are so proud of you, Craig & we LOVE you so very much!!!

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