Monday, June 2, 2008

Silver City & Good Friends

Well, tonight is officially our last night in Kitsap County, WA! It's hard to believe that 3 years have come & gone so quickly. For our last dinner here, Craig wanted to go to Silver City Restaurant - one of our favorites with delicious food & drinks! Not wanting to eat alone we asked our dear friends, The Morrisons - Danny, Heather, Jacob, & Jenna - to join us. Kylie & Jenna are only about a month apart in age and are the best of friends! The went to preschool together for a bit before Kylie transferred classes and whenever they see each other they yell each other's names and run into each other's arms - it's so sweet! One of the hardest questions that I know we are going to have to answer is "Where is Jenna?" & "Where is Riley?" - her two best friends here in WA. The thought of it makes me sad, but grateful that Kylie was able to make such great friends that I know she will remember always!

The hardest part of being in the military is having to say goodbye to the greatest of friends, truly family that we make whereever we live. For the past three years, our friends have been there for us through the patrols, the late night workdays, the "mandatory fun" events, ups & downs with kids, pregnancies, births, sadness, happiness - EVERYTHING! I have relied on my "family" here more times than I can count and pray that each of them knows how truly grateful I am not only for all they did for me, but also their friendships! Each one of you mean the world to me (us) and we will keep in touch and know that we will remain friends always! Please keep in touch and let us know how each of you are doing and we will do the same! You will always be in our prayers & our hearts! We love you!!!

Kylie & Jenna all smiles after dinner - Kylie will miss you!!!

Heather & Kim - I will miss dearly, my friend!!

The Morrisons & The Thayers - last dinner at Silver City!

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