Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 9 - Exploring Las Vegas!!

Today we all slept in, which is something we ALL needed! Then, after a yummy breakfast at the Sherwood Forest Cafe, we headed out to the Vegas Strip to see the sights! We walked through New York, New York and the MGM Grand. Along the way we snapped some shots of the different hotels, including our own, The Excalibur! Kylie LOVES our hotel and last night she got a princess hat & magic wand which she has been playing with ever since. When she wears her princess hat, she thinks she is so special! It's too cute!

Daddy & the girls in front of our hotel before beginning our walk!

Princess Kylie walking through the casino on our way to dinner.

While at the MGM Grand, we got to look at the resident Lions at the Lion Habitat. Kylie LOVED seeing the lions and didn't want to leave! Jillian liked looking at them too, but Kylie was definitely the most excited!

Kylie watching the lions at the MGM Grand.

Two of the lions that are residents at the hotel.

Kylie looking up at a lion lying on the clear tunnel.

Once we left the MGM Grand, we continued walking along the strip, stopping in a few shops along the way to pick up some souvenirs. It was really hot out today, but not as hot as yesterday. It was actually 14 degrees cooler today at 90 degrees, down from 104 yesterday when we arrived in town! You could still feel the heat & the girls were real troopers during our walk - the stroller helped out alot too! :) Here's a few pictures from our tour of Vegas:

The Bellagio Hotel & Casino

The Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel.

The Gold MGM Lion.

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

The M&Ms posing as Indiana Jones at M&M World - you can buy M&Ms in ANY color you can think of!

New York, New York - one of the coolest hotels!

The Brooklyn Bridge at New York, New York

It was a tiring day of walking, but after dinner, while Mommy & Jillian relaxed in the room, Daddy, Mom-Mom, & Kylie walked down the strip to watch the dancing water at the Bellagio! Along the way, they took some great shots of the hotels all lite up! They also went to visit the lions at the MGM Grand again and toured the inside of the Luxor. Kylie couldn't stop talking about seeing the giant pyramid! She has loved every minute of being in this exciting city!

The Bellagio at night.

The dancing water at the Bellagio

The sphinx outside the IMAX theatre at the Luxor.

M&M World all lite up for the night!

Sadly, our time in Vegas has come to an end and tomorrow we leave this fun city and head to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon!! We can't wait to see yet another of our nation's great natural wonders! We all had a great time in Las Vegas and were able to relax and have some fun! Tomorrow, our journey continues....

~The Thayers & Mom-Mom :)

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