Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jillian!!

Can you believe that our baby girl turned 2 years old today?!? It is so hard to believe that it was 2 whole years ago today that we were blessed with her in our lives! These years have surely flown by!
To celebrate, yesterday afternoon, we had a family party over at Poppy & Nana's house! Jillian honestly had no idea it was her birthday until she walked in the door and saw all the decorations & people saying "Happy Birthday"! She even let us put a "Happy Birthday" tiara on her & she wore it ALL day! And when it would fall off she would whine to have you put it back on her head!

Party decorations at Poppy & Nana's to celebrate Jillian's special day!

The birthday girl being a little shy for the camera!

Haley & Kylie excited about the party with their party horns & hats!

As always, Jillian was SPOILED!! She got tons of presents & loved every single one! She loved opening the cards too! Her favorite card was from Kylie because when she opened it, it sang "I Like To Move It, Move It" from Madagascar! She opened it & immediately started dancing! It was too cute!

Excited about opening her presents!!

Opening her new Leap Frog Maracas from Aunt Linda!

In awe over her Little People Farm & Barn Animals from Aunt Nancy!

Loving her new puzzles from Mommy & Daddy!

Getting all dressed up in her new dress up clothes & accessories!

Opening up her new magnetic paper dolls from Aunt Jen, Uncle Jason, & Haley!

Look! A heart on that sweatshirt!!

WOW!!! A princess piano!!

She loved that party horn! She was so proud of herself that she could do it all on her own!

The ultimate highlight of the day was the birthday cakes!! Aunt Linda was wonderful and baked Jillian 2 awesome cakes! The first one was a "Dora" cake that Kylie & Haley helped Jillian with blowing out the candles & the second one was a #2 cake that we had candles on that spelled out "Jillian"! That one was ALL hers!! And she loved every minute of it! Surprisingly, she didn't get too messy, but she LOVED the icing!!

Jillian blowing out her candles on her "Dora" cake with the help of Kylie & Haley!

Jillian's "Dora" cake! Thank you, Aunt Linda!!

Jillian's #2 Cake!

Blowing out her "Jillian" candles!


Full face in the cake!!

When we got home, the fun didn't end because we opened all of her new gifts! She couldn't resist dressing up in all of her new fancy gear! I couldn't resist taking a picture of "Princess Jillian"!

All dressed up!!

Today, was Jillian's officially birthday! Mom-Mom was off today so we got to spend a good part of the day with her! Sadly, Jillian had her 2 year check-up today, but her pediatrician said she looked "perfect" & is now 28lbs. 11oz. & 34 1/4 in. tall!! We got some lunch, picked Kylie up from school, & then came home to bake her third birthday cake! For dinner I made hot dogs & Scooby-Doo Mac-n-Cheese & then we got to sing "Happy Birthday" before digging into the yummy fudge marble cake! This time, Jillian DID get a bit messy! She loved it!!!

Opening up her "Dora" birthday card from Dziadzi!

Pointing to her Gymboree gift card! Thank you, Dziadzi!!

Powering up for a good puff to blow out her candle!

What a face!!

This was my favorite - looks like she just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar! :)

We still can't believe that our little girl is 2 years old already! We also can't believe that her big sister will be 5 in June!! Where does the time go?? Thank you to everyone who helped make our Jilly Bean's 2nd birthday wonderful!! She loves you all and so do we! Keep checking back for more pictures of our growing girls!!

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