Sunday, September 21, 2008

Purple Pride!

All true Baltimore Ravens fans have it...the pride of wearing the colors purple & black. I think it's great to have pride & loyalty to your home team! However, the one thing that's been hard for me to get behind are the Zooma least I think that's how they're spelled. They are, in my opinion, ugly camoflague pants in the colors of the football team. My dad & brother, among thousands of other hardcore Ravens fans have a pair either in pants or shorts or BOTH! They wear them along with their favorite Ravens player jersey. I love the jerseys, but the pants are awful!
So, this afternoon the Ravens play again the Cleveland Browns (one of our rival teams) and both Craig & my Dad are going to the game. Unbeknownst to me, Craig talked to my brother all last week and borrowed his pair of Zooma pants! I had no idea until down the stairs he comes all decked out in a Tony Siragusa jersey & the ugly pants! A few minutes later down comes my Dad also decked out in the purple & black! I couldn't resist taking pictures of them and posting them here. My dad says I don't like them because I am "not a true Ravens fan." I will admit to not being a big football fan, but I am a Ravens fan because they are our hometown team....maybe one day I'll grow to appreciate the power of the pants and have the same pride in wearing purple & black.

What do you think of the pants??

Dad & Craig wearing their Ravens gear & sporting the Zooma pants.


Julie said...

hideous. And you can tell that to Craig. But I must admit that I am not a Ravens fan. Cheers!

The Guise Family said...

I am with you Kim, the pants have got to go. Besides I am a Brown's Fan, so I would have to say it should be orange and brown.