Monday, September 8, 2008

Kylie 1st Day of Pre-Kindergarten!

Today Kylie started Pre-Kindergarten at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer School! To say she was excited would be an understatement! Even though she went to bed at 8pm last night she didn't fall asleep until well after 11pm and was up right after 8am! She couldn't sit still and wanted to pack her lunch first thing! She couldn't wait to go!

Kylie's School - St. Clement Mary Hofbauer Catholic School

All dressed in her uniform and ready to go!

Can we go now, Mom?!?

Once at school and in her classroom, she hung up her backpack and put her lunch kit on the table and went straight for the toys and made herself at home! She already started to make friends with a few of her classmates, Magnus & Cecily! Of course, she didn't care that I left and looked completely comfortable in her new classroom! When I picked her up at 2:15pm, she ran right over to me with a huge smile on her face! Ms. Gina said she did really well for her first day, but that she had a hard time staying in her seat....we'll definitely work on that! But, both Ms. Gina & Ms. Fran said she did really well! She can't wait to go back on Wednesday!! We are so proud of her and can't believe how grown up she is -next year, Kindergarten!

Kylie posing in the parking lot waiting for school to start!

Kylie even posed for a picture with Mommy - and Mommy didn't even cry this time! :)

Kylie's cubby in her classroom

Hanging up her backpack and eyeing which toys she'll tackle first!

Making herself at home in her new classroom.

Please keep Kylie, her teachers, & classmates in your prayers this school year that they have a great, productive year! We'll keep you updated with how she is doing as well as pictures!

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Andi said...

Your getting so grown up, Kylie! Sydney starts next week. She's been talking about her friends Jenna and Kylie so I think she thinks they are going to be there. We'll see how it goes!