Monday, September 29, 2008

Our afternoon in Storyville

For the second Sunday in a row, Daddy went to a ball game with Dziadzi. This time it was to a Baltimore Orioles game for Daddy's birthday! So, while the men were enjoying some baseball, Mom-Mom & I took the girls to the Rosedale Public Library which has Storyville. Storyville is a hands-on developmental play area for young children. It's amazing! They have a Supermarket, Theater, Post Office, Library, House (which is complete with a kitchen, living room, laundry area, upstairs w/bedroom, garden, & BBQ), and a Construction Zone. It even has a Baby Garden for little ones still learning how to walk. The girls had a ball! It's free and there is no time limit on how long you can be in there.

Storyville at the Rosedale Library

The entrance to "Toddler Bay", the Supermarket, & the Post Office

The Storyville "Library"

The Construction Zone, House, Baby Garden (in the lower left corner)

At first, I followed Kylie & Mom-Mom followed Jillian. As a safety measure, each child has to have an adult with them at all times, which is something I liked alot! Kylie put on a puppet show for me in the Theater, then took me shopping in the supermarket. She also loved playing with the boys in the Construction Zone! Her favorite spot was cooking in the kitchen of the house. She even hung up socks to dry after washing them! I wish she did some of these things at home! :)

Kylie putting on a puppet show for Mommy in the Theater.

Kylie picking out all kinds of tasty veggies in the supermarket...none of which she eats in real life :)

Need to pay for the groceries...

Kylie setting up a train in the Construction Zone.

Hanging out the socks to dry...

Kylie cooking up something tasty in the kitchen.

Mom-Mom & I switched and it was Mommy's turn to follow Jillian around. Her favorite spots were the "Toddler Bay" & the upstairs of the house. She loved trying to "fish" in the bay and playing dress-up in the house. She mostly just loved running around and being free! She was too cute in the house, though. Everything was just her size, even the chairs! She also did really good at fine motor activities, like the magnetic shapes & alphabet pegs!

Playing in the "Toddler Bay"

Relaxing in the Storyville house

Playing dress-up...she loved looking at herself in the mirror!

Jillian intensely focused on the letter "M"

Jillian playing with the magnetic shapes.

Needless to say, the girls had a blast and so did we! It was fun to watch them explore and learn new things. I was amazed at how much Jillian could do, especially putting the pegs in the holes of the letters! Kylie putting on her puppet show was the highlight of the afternoon for me too! She even had a little boy wander in to help her out! We will definitely be heading back to Storyville often!!

Does she look like she's having fun or what?

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