Friday, August 29, 2008

Kylie & Jillian's New Wheels

So, Kylie got a "Dora" scooter from Uncle Matt & Aunt Jen for her birthday and recently we took her outside to break in her new wheels! She loved every minute of it! She didn't quite get the concept of pushing with her one foot to get some speed. The alley behind the house had a slight incline, so she would just walk her scooter up to one of the poles we told her not to go past and then just coast down to the other pole. It was pretty funny, but she had a blast!

Daddy giving Kylie a scooter lesson.


Trying to push with her foot...

Jillian got a chance to ride on new wheels as well! Aunt Linda gave her a little bike that she loved riding up and down the alley! She didn't quite get the idea, but loved getting on & off of her new bike and rode a little bit down the alley....she had a great time too!!

Kylie & Jillian with their new "wheels"

She's contemplating getting off the bike once again before getting back on...

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