Saturday, August 16, 2008

Best Buddies

Tonight Craig had the opportunity to go to a Baltimore Ravens exhibition game against the Minnesota Vikings with Uncle Matt, so Kim & the girls were free to play! We planned a night with Mom-Mom, Aunt Linda, & Haley! We started off with blowing bubbles out on the front porch, followed by pizza, and then fun in the bath! Kylie was so excited to be able to see her "sister", as she calls her, Haley and play.

Jillian got herself stuck trying to climb through the rails to catch bubbles!

Kylie, Haley, & Jillian chatting with Aunt Linda.

The most fun had by the girls had to be in the bathtub. They especially loved splashing me with water and squirting me with the fish too! I think I took a bath right along with them! Couldn't help snapping a few shots while they were in the tub...they were just too cute!

Bathtime Buddies!

Two little cuties!

Jillian playing with a squirty fish!

Once out of the tub and in their jammies, the girls relaxed on the couch to watch VeggieTales followed by 101 Dalmatians. Between movies they paused for a "midnight snack" of some chocolate pudding. While Kylie & Haley nibbled on pudding, Jillian took advantage of the moment and snuggled on Haley's "Dora" bed to watch a movie all by herself.

All snuggly watching VeggieTales!

Having a little snack...

Jillian taking advantage of her time alone snuggling on the Dora bed.

Ready for bed :)

They had such a fun night and were sad to see it end. We know there will be many more fun nights together and it is obvious that they are fast becoming the best of friends, not just cousins!

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